Convert Thunderbird Email to PST With an Ultimate Tool


Getting stuck halfway through your email conversion is one of the worst situation to be in. One of the major reason for this is using an incompatible converter. Most of the converter that promise you to convert Thunderbird email to PST do not live up to those promises. To find out how to never get stuck again, read on.

Convert Thunderbird Email to PST (MS Outlook)


Mail Extractor Pro is a tool from USL Software that handles each process involved in conversion effectively.  It gives you complete control over the conversion process. It converts multiple input formats to PST, maintains the folder hierarchy and a lot more.

convert thunderbird email to pst

The advanced features of the tool are the reason for the comfort that the tool provides.

You can convert Thunderbird email to PST with the help of tool. Apple Mail, Postbox etc. are some of the other formats that the tool support and converts with ease. So, with the help of this single tool you can not only convert Thunderbird email to PST but also Apple Mail, Postbox etc. also.

Mail Extractor Pro helps you to convert Apple Mail to Outlook, Thunderbird to Outlook, Postbox to Outlook and MBOX to Outlook. (You can import the converted PST file into Both Mac and Windows Outlook.

This solves your problem of finding a different tool when you deal with a new file format. So, time wasted in finding, then learning a new tool is saved by Mail Extractor Pro.

Accurate Thunderbird to PST Conversion

The accuracy and precision offered by the tool makes the tool the best in class. When you convert Thunderbird email to PST, the tool leaves nothing behind from the input data. You would never face a situation where data is left behind or left unconverted.

The tool takes special care of your data when you convert Thunderbird email to PST. The accuracy of the tool is such that in output file it creates an exact replica of the input file. Even the folder hierarchy of the input file is retained by the tool.

This makes navigation and debugging of the input file very easy. You can easily spot even if anything is missing or the conversion process has gone wrong.

Safe & Secure Conversion

Security of the data is one of the primary concern of the tool. It follows modern approaches like Unicode conversion to makes sure that your data is safe when you convert Thunderbird email to PST.

Many tools out in the market fall at this very step as Unicode is the non-English data of your input file. Its encoding is a bit different than the normal textual data. So, converting it becomes a little tricky.

Most tools fail to convert this Unicode data of your input file and may result in an incomplete conversion process and may have negative effects on your input data as well.

But not Mail Extractor Pro. The tool converts your Unicode data providing you with a complete and secure conversion process.

Fast and Bulk Conversion

The time required to convert your Thunderbird to PST is considerably reduced by the tool. The tool follows the approach of bulk conversion which allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and then in a single go the tool converts them all.

Try it to Convert Thunderbird Email to PST

The tool doesn’t compromise on the accuracy and precision of the tool and quickens up the conversion process.


convert thunderbird to pst

So, download your free trial today and get started.


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